What are dildos made from and does it really matter?

Dear Ginger,

What are dildos made from and does it really matter?

~Just Curious

Dear Just Curious,

It certainly could matter if you have allergies and it definitely does matter when you choose a lube.   Here’s what Dr. Sadie Allison has to say about the different types of materials used to make a dildo and what should be considered when trying each.

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Among the highest quality dildos, many women love silicone for its lifelike feel and ability to retain body heat.  Non-porous and easy to clean (dishwasher safe/top rack), they can last for years.  They’re mostly hypoallergenic too.

Just watch out for cracks or cuts that may develop that can harbor germs.  And since silicone cannot be repaired, be prepared to retire your ol’ buddy if he should ever tear.


You’ll find latex rubber dildos everywhere, but they also have their limitations.  Not as lifelike and firm as silicone, they still serve their purpose well.

Be sure to clean up thoroughly, as latex is porous and can harbor germs.  People who like this material, but have allergic reactions to latex, might find pleasure in jelly or silicone dildos.


A popular innovation of the nineties, jellies come in a playful array of bright, semi-translucent colors, jellies are less expensive than most other dildos, a bit more delicate, and porous-so wash them with a bit more cleaner or warm soapy water after each use.


Soft and fleshy, with a feeling of real human skin, these new generation materials are a true delight.  They require extra care to keep clean because of their porous material, but are well worth having in your treasure collection.  Also, store them apart from other toys: when left in direct contact, the composition can degrade.


Do you like your dildos HARD? Then a plastic or acrylic dildo is for you.  They’re easy to clean because they are non-porous, and enable you to reach your G-spot and anal erogenous zones with an abundance of pleasure.


Basic, reliable and affordable, what vinyl lacks in flexibility it makes up for in durability.  Available in just a few colors, including a little pink version ideal for anal play, it’s thankfully non-porous and easy to clean.


At first thought, glass may seem like an odd choice.  But wait till you see what’s available today!  Glass dildos come in a wide variety of vivid colors and creative shapes.

Built to last a lifetime by the craftsmen who make glass pipes, they’re similar in hardness to acrylics, and designed for both vaginal and anal pleasure.  They’re hypo-allergenic, non-porous and dishwasher safe-and retain warmth and coolness.


A rare find today for experienced toy enthusiasts and collectors.  Cool to the touch, metal dildos slowly warm up with use.  Be careful moving around with a metal toy inside you, as you can bruise your tailbone or pelvic bone with any quick, jarring motions.

Pleasure yourself or your Partner with a Dildo

Many don’t realize there are so many choices when it comes to selecting the perfect dildo to pleasure themselves or partner, Venus Pleasures is proud to offer today’s top selling dildos with plenty of variety to choose from.

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Not sure where to start?  Here’s a list of Top Selling Dildos to choose from:

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To learn more about the materials in sex toys, and to find new techniques for pleasure, be sure to check out  Toygasms, The Insider’s Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques by Dr. Sadie Allison.

Have fun,

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