Have you heard about the latest technology for luxury sex toys?

Swedish designer brand LELO has announced the launch date of September 15th for their ground-breaking SenseMotion™ couples’ massagers.  This new line of luxury sex toys is boasting motion-sensor technology more familiar to smart phones and the latest video game consoles, this is the first time vibrations in remote-controlled massagers can be changed via movements alone.

Yes – you heard that right! The LELO SenseMotion™ massagers deliver powerful vibrations based on movement.  All while providing the ultimate pleasure for couples by allowing the person holding the controller to feel the vibrations their partner is experiencing.

What is SENSEMOTION™ Technology?

SenseMotion™ offers an unprecedented way to interact with personal massagers, as users tilt, shake or turn the wireless controller to vary vibration patterns as freely as they choose. The result is a completely new kind of sensual experience, where the massagers respond instantly to changing movements of the controller.

As another unique feature, synchronized vibrations are shared between the wireless controller and the couples’ massager, allowing the person holding the controller to feel the vibrations their partner is experiencing, up to a range of 12 meters or 39 feet.

Lelo Sensemotion Massagers



The picture above shows the newest additions to the LELO luxury line of sex toys.  Starting from the left: the LELO Lyla, the LELO Oden, and the LELO Tiani.

VenusPleasures.com will be carrying these will be carrying the LELO Lyla in Black, Deep Rose and Cerise, the LELO Oden in Black and Tiani in Black and Deep Rose.  I surely can’t wait to get my hands on them!

-Ask Ginger

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